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Super Foods  for Super Sperms!

Taking care of , and regulating your diet is extremely important for a healthy sex life,healthy semen & healthy sperms……and ultimately for having a cute ,cuddly baby in your arms.


There are many foods which are v good for sperm health & many foods  which harm sperms or prevent good sperms from developing.


In this article I am going to highlight on those foods which help to improve sexual  health, semen volume, sperm count, motility ,and morphology.  If  you are able to incorporate most, if not all of these into your daily diet, in three months there will definitely be appreciable positive changes.


There are many sites in the internet which describe extremely well the details about the food which help with sperm health… about the benefits of consuming each food,the vitamins and minerals contained in each food…and many more details. But I believe that reading too much and too complicated details leave people more confused than ever.


Here is a list of the Super foods for producing

Super sperms, and also suggestions about how

much to consume.

Take out at least 3 colour print outs of this list[available as 3 pictures] and pin

# one  set on to the door of your fridge.

# one  set on the kitchen wall.

# one  set on any other place you fancy.


Glance through the list frequently to remind yourself to buy these food items and stock them at home &  to consume them .


Save one set of this list in your mobile phone too ,and make sure that at least most of  these foods are in your shopping bags when you leave the supermarket where you go shopping.

Slide11p 2Slide3

Here is another list [available as 2  pics] which describes in brief,the benefits of consuming each of the above foods.

You can take a print out of this and file it,after going through it at least once. And keep the file in an easily accessible place.

And ,whenever you feel disheartened and don’t feel like consuming these foods or are lazy enough to keep a tag on your diet,you can go through this list a couple of times.Doing so will surely motivate you to persist with the dietary changes.!



Here is some more advice for you!


# Be consistent and regular about consuming these super foods!  Follow the suggestions that have been given above. It is not enough if you consume these foods occasionally .


# Vegetarians, don’t worry if you are not able to eat eggs,oysters etc. There are so many other super foods.


#  If there are specific sperm health  issues which you are facing, try to eat more of those foods which help to overcome those issues.

Example,if sperm motility is the main issue you are facing,consume more of foods which help to improve that. Got it?

So here is a home work for you.!  Go through the above list and make lists of foods which

  • improve semen volume
  • improve sperm count.
  • improve sperm motility & morphology.
  • improve sex drive.

Don’t be lazy..Do it!!!

smile up

#  It is very important  to have patience,while you follow the dietary and other guidelines. As I mentioned before,you have to wait for a minimum of 3 months before you can see any obvious positive changes. Three months is the time it takes for a cycle of spermatogenesis to get completed.

However,depending on the initial  semen parameters,and the other coexisting factors,it may take longer for tangible results to appear.So don’t lose heart, and persist with the dietary modifications.

Many of these foods have many other health benefits too [ I am not going into the details of that here ] . So it will anyway benefit you if you include them in your daily diet. OK?


#  It is equally important to avoid  those foods which  can  harm over all sexual health and sperm health.


# You may need to take some supplements too..check with your Doctor.


# It is also very important to make other life style changes which will help improve sexual and sperm health.!


Watch out for articles on these which will be posted here soon.


# And last but not the least...dietary and life style modifications are not a substitute for medical and surgical treatment, in indicated cases.


So, when are you going to start following a Sperm friendly diet?

  • At the start of the New Year?
  • When you are free enough to go and buy all the foods listed  above? Which might not happen any time soon?
  • When the current project you are working on is completed?
  • When most , if not all of the various issues looming over your head are sorted out?
  • After waiting for a couple of months more to see if the current treatment you and your partner are taking now helps your wife to become pregnant?

These are some of the common excuses I get to hear from patients..


I would suggest that You START  TODAY!!  Dont Postpone till tomorrow what you can start today.!


Go to the nearest super market and get at least a few of the foods listed above  and start eating a Sperm friendly diet……You can do a detail shopping in the week end.




It would be encouraging  for other readers if you can comment here in the blog or in face book[v soon I will start a fb page] about how you implemented the dietary modifications & the effects you experience.

It will motivate me too to write similar articles on related issues.


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