Is it OK to hate your new born?

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Many might find the mere thought appalling, but yes, it is ok to hate your new born. It is normal too.


Don’t worry!!You can and you will always make up for it later!

Like many other to be mothers, during my first pregnancy, I felt it would be ultimate bliss to hold my baby in my arms, and to do all the work related to caring for the baby. Nothing was further from the truth. One thing I, had underwent a C section after long hours of painful labor. Soon after I recovered from anesthesia, the new struggle began, of breast feeding the baby. In spite of being a gynecologist myself, with enough experience of advising my patients, I had a v tough time getting the baby to suck properly. He was born lazy and refused to suckle. He was willing to accept spoon feeds.With a baby friendly pediatrician husband ,expressed breast milk was the only choice.I still shudder when I think of the ordeal .There were so many other issues also to deal with.

I wholeheartedly hated my baby during the first 2 weeks and hated myself for hating him thus. Nappy changes, cleaning up the baby, breast feeding &dealing with cracked nipple and other breast feeding issues all may be ordeals for the new mother. Esp,  when all that the baby does is to cry, no..screech like a banshee, harass while suckling, dirty the nappy and then go to sleep…and mind you,this is a repetitive series 24/7.Not even a smile.

It might take a couple of weeks before you start liking your baby ,but wait, by the time he is 6 weeks, he will simply win over your heart with his wonderful smile, which is irresistible, I tell you. And you will wonder how you had ever hated him, even fleetingly.

Mother Resting Head on Infant's Chest


I thought I was well prepared the second time I became a mother, but no…the experience was only a little less difficult.

So, if any of you have hated your new born or are hating your new born…don’t worry, and don’t feel guilty.

And those of you who are yet to deal with it,relax and don’t get depressed if you experience this emotion towards your new born.

It is perfectly OK and normal to have that feeling.

It will be replaced by love and tenderness v soon and will remain like that till he starts walking and climbing wherever he can, and drives you crazy with his mischiefs. Well, that is a different stage….



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