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What is Blighted Ovum?

A Blighted Ovum happens when the fertilized egg divides into cells which form the gestational sac,and the placental tissue also grows to some extent,but the embryo does not develop. This is a type of miscarriage.

Cause of Blighted Ovum.

A Blighted Ovum is usually the result of chromosomal problemscaused by abnormal cell division, or due to poor quality of the sperm or the egg.

More than 50%of very early miscarriages are due to this.

Nature recognizes these abnormalities and will stop the embryo from developing,in most of the cases.

How do you know if you are having Blighted Ovum?

Like a normal pregnancy,you may experience signs such as a delayed or  missed menstrual period,  a positive pregnancy test , and symptoms of early pregnancy because the placenta may continue to grow for some time and the pregnancy hormone hCG may continue to rise for some time.

Many patients have a heavy delayed periods ,even before they realize they are pregnant.

By 6-7 weeks , many women who are having blighted ovum may have mild spotting or bleeding. But some may have no symptoms at all. The diagnosis is made when ultrasound scan shows only the gestational sac,without the embryo,even after 6 weeks of gestation.



You are diagnosed to have Blighted Ovum.Now what?

The most important thing is to realize and accept the fact that nothing can make a blighted ovum change to a normal pregnancy.Many patients have this hope that waiting for some time will make things alright.Or that taking injections,medicines,complete bed rest etc may help an embryo to develop.

But honestly,nothing can be done..You and your family have to accept that.

Should you wait for a natural miscarriage to occur or undergo a D&C?

Most doctors do not recommend D&C as a first line management for Blighted ovum.

Usually ,most patients with Blighted ovum have a complete miscarriage on their own,and unless you have severe bleeding,pain or other difficulties,you can safely follow a Wait and Watch policy.

Using medications such as misoprostol on an outpatient basis may also help.You have to do this after consulting with your doctor and have to get back to the doctor as and when needed.

It may take several days for your body to expel all the tissues.One or more review ultrasound scans may be needed to confirm that all products have been expelled.

Can you do anything to prevent a Blighted Ovum from occurring?

As I said before,a Blighted Ovum is usually due to chromosomal problems.

It is often a one time occurrence and it is rare for a woman to have blighted ovum again and again.But if it does occur,then it might be better to get chromosomal analysis of the woman and her partner done.

It is very important to realize that you have done nothing to cause this problem,and you could not have done anything to prevent it.

And there is nothing you can do to prevent it from happening in the future.

How long should you wait to conceive ,after a Blighted Ovum?

It is recommended to wait for at least 3 months after any type of miscarriage,before conceiving.











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