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Hello, Greetings from Dr.Seethalakshmi.

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I am a practicing obstetrician, gynecologist and  infertility specialist, with more than 20 years’ experience in the field.  I am an acupuncturist too. I have been an Energy Healer and a Reiki Master for more than 13 years and try to incorporate Energy healing into my practice whenever possible.

I am based at Kerala, India.

At present I am practicing in the Middle East.

I am constantly striving to be a Healer, trying to heal with compassion, the body, mind and spirit of all those who approach me with any issue. I am still learning. There is a long way to go. Teaching is my passion, and writing  is another passion.

I love to educate my patients.

How this blog came into being.

Pregnancy, child-birth, parenting, balancing home and career, various health issues, managing relationships, developing and maintaining emotional and mental well being are all issues that most of us, especially women, have to deal with. Infertility is also a major issue amongst the public now. And we are forever looking for better ways to deal with them.

Apart from these there are so many things we desire to know about. Most of us are bit by the NET bug and have this overwhelming tendency to turn to Google/Bing etc to search for expert advice about the slightest thing that enters our mind. There are so many articles and posts about possibly any  topic one can think of, and many of them are written beautifully and in so much detail.

At times we do get good sensible advice and suggestions. But more often than not, we end up getting more confused and frustrated after reading too many articles especially those which express controversial opinions. Don’t you agree?

Knowledge is not of much use if one is not able to apply it practically. And a confused and frustrated mind will find it difficult to put to use the knowledge it has.

Also, reading too much in detail and too many posts about the same topic might lead to information overload and sort of paralyze our brains. And   we fail to act upon the info we get. Hasn’t this happened to you? I am sure it has. It has happened to me so many times and is still happening…

I started writing this blog late in 2015 upon observing how a considerable number of my patients were always asking me questions based on what they’d read on the Internet. I realize that a lot of information out there would confuse someone even in the medical field, leave alone those who are not in the field.

So here is my attempt to reach out to the general public, and I aim to present medical related topics, especially those related to infertility, pregnancy, child-birth & various women’s health issues in  as simple a way as possible, but without losing the essence.

I would also like to share my Insights & reflections, and of many others too, about not only all the above mentioned topics, but about other topics like alternative treatment modalities, nutrition, recipes, parenting,psychology, energy healing, sex education ,and many more.

Don’t be disappointed if you are not able to find what you are looking for, now.  Give me some time. I will be posting regularly. This blog is still in the new-born stage.  Customization has not been fully done yet. Many features are yet to be added. Many links and cross links have to be added for each  of the posts already published. Social links have to be added. I have not even shared much, links of the posts I have published.

Initially I thought I will start posting after everything is perfect. But then I realized it might take too long a time, especially   with my busy medical practice. So I decided to just start writing and add-on features as I go along.  Also, as the information related to many topics, especially   medical related ones keep on changing, most of the posts here will essentially be drafts , which will be regularly updated. So please book mark those topics which interests you and come back and check out for the updates regularly.

.I do have plans to get popular posts translated to  Arabic and Malayalam. Please come back to check out for that too.

And I would like this blog to be not only mine, where I and a select few  do all the postings. This is as much yours as is mine. I would be happy to post topics based on your requests, and needs. Also , it would be very  good if we can have forums for discussions about  various topics…where all can post and  discuss their  doubts, queries, opinions, experiences etc. What do you say?

Comments and suggestions from all of you will be welcome & appreciated at each stage. It will not only motivate me to write more but also help me incorporate the various constructive suggestions in the blog. And kindly excuse me for any inadequacies.

If you have any personal queries or doubts, you may contact me at any time. Just give me some time to respond to your queries. It will be my pleasure to help you in whatever way I can.

One very important point to note is that, the aim of this blog is   to provide only guide lines and suggestions based on personal experience &research studies by many people/groups .It might be difficult to address individual needs and conditions. Nothing will take the place of a proper one to one medical consultation with the relevant professional, at the appropriate time.





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